Cover all bases before making the big moves

Shifting a building does require consent and some forward planning before the movers turn up, as Freddy and Barney discover

Farmer Freddy (dressed in his best supporters gear) settles in for a night of back-to-back rugby games with all of the farmers along his road.

After the initial excitement of the start of the first game, Freddy gets talking to his neighbour, Barney about a spare piece of land that Barney has in town.

Barney asks Freddy about the old villa on Freddy's farm. Being an entrepreneur, Barney spies the opportunity to develop a snazzy B&B in town using Freddy's villa.

"Now that I have built my new cowshed and reduced staff numbers, the villa is just sitting there unused," says Freddy.

"I'd be grateful if you just took it off my hands. There is no need to pay me a dime," he chuckles.

"Great," beams Barney, who already has grand renovation ideas in his head.

"I will give the house movers a call and get it out of your hair in a jiffy. You won't even have to lift a finger."

Pebbles, who has joined Freddy to enjoy the festivities, overhears the discussion and quickly taps Freddy on the shoulder.

Pebbles helped Freddy's mother Edna with the same type of project, and knows that there is a lot to make Freddy and Barney aware of, including consents and checking the right type of insurance is obtained.

"Firstly, Dad, you should sign an agreement with Barney setting out the terms of the removal. You need to consider who is responsible for what," Pebbles says.

"For example, if damage is caused to the overhead power lines on the property, it is in your interest to have it written in the agreement that Barney is responsible for the repair of the damage." On that note, you should advise the lines companies and disconnect the power and telephone services well before the house is moved. Otherwise, there could be big trouble on the day the house movers turn up."

"I guess that is all sensible stuff," responds Freddy. "While I want to make it easy for Barney to move the house, and be rid of it forever, I've got to think about protecting myself."

"Barney needs to protect himself too," says Pebbles.

"He needs to seek advice before embarking on his grand plan, as he is likely to require consent from the council and there may be limits on plonking the villa on the section."

"Hey, Barney, we'd better get together on Monday and talk through this house-moving business in a bit more detail," yells Freddy over the celebrations. "Thanks, Pebbles," says Freddy. "Where would I be without you?"


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