Sharing the cost of keeping the boundaries

Farmer Freddy's update on cost sharing of boundary fences

As Farmer Freddy heads back to the house after a day of hard milking, he shivers with the slight cold snap in the morning air. Warming up with a hot cup of tea and toast Freddy ponders over what he could get done around the farm before the winter weather sets in.

While out and about the previous day he noticed that some of his fences were not looking so good; especially the ones at the back of the farm where it joined onto Farmer Joe’s.

He was running through some costing’s in his head when his thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. It was Pebbles calling to check up on her dad.

“I have just been planning out some new fencing for the farm and running through some costs,” says Freddy.

“That will keep you busy,” replies Pebbles.  “Where abouts?” she queries.

“Out the back where it joins onto Joe’s farm,” Freddy tells Pebbles.

“You know that you can talk with Joe about having him contribute to some of the cost don’t you?” asks Pebbles.

“Really, that’s great!” exclaims Freddy.

“Yes,” continues Pebbles. “The cost of building or repairing a fence is to be shared equally between adjoining owners, unless of course one owner damages it which would make it their responsibility to repair it.”

“That’s great,” says Freddy excitedly, “I like the sound of that. So how much can I ask Joe to contribute?”

“The general rule is that you each pay half of the reasonable costs.  As the fencing is in a rural area you would need to construct a fence which is appropriate for that area,” explains Pebbles.

“Well great to talk,” says Freddy hinting an end to their conversation. “I will head up and have a word with Joe about this fencing right now.”


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