Stay warm, but still meet safety standards

Stay warm, but still meet safety standards

Farmer Freddy was enjoying a cup of tea after a busy week on the farm. He sat down in his usual chair with a strong cup of tea but he was struggling to get warm, the electric heater just wasn’t doing the trick. His fireplace had been taken out over the summer with the intention to have a new one installed.

Right, he thought, no time like the present and gave Pebbles a call. She might like to come into town and help me choose a new fireplace.

Pebbles jumped at the chance to take some time out, and off they headed.

As they are wandering around the show room looking at fires, Pebbles mentions to Freddy “You will need to get a building consent for the fireplace.”

“Really”? Freddy asks, “but it is going in the same place as the last one - surely not.”

“Yes,” Pebbles replies, “It is a legal requirement under the Building Act 2004. All owners installing new fireplaces must apply for a building consent with Council. After completing their inspection Council will issue a Code Compliance Certificate for the works. This ensures that the fireplace meets all safety standards.”

“I don’t know if I’ll bother,” says Freddy “She’ll be right!”

“Well,” says Pebbles “apart from the safety of the people who live in the house being at risk, if the fireplace causes damage to your property, it is unlikely that your insurance company would cover the cost of the repairs.”

“What’s more, it’s an offence under the Building Act to carry out restricted building works without obtaining a building consent. It would also be an issue when you come to sell your house as the Vendor warranties in the Agreement for Sale and Purchase provide that all works completed have the necessary certifications.”

“Crikey,” says Freddy “Well, I can’t have that, I better get it done right.”

After standing in front of a lovely fireplace and warming up instantly Freddy knew what he had to do.

Off he headed to order his new fireplace and fill out the forms for his building consent application.

As they headed home Freddy was quite happy, he was looking forward to his new fire being installed and he was glad that he had got it right again… Thanks to Pebbles help.


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