Being prepared eases the load at times of stress

Farmer Freddy

It was a grim day.  Pebbles rushed to hospital as soon as she could, having heard that Freddy had suffered an accident on the farm.  Luckily, much to Pebbles’ relief, Freddy was sitting up in bed when she arrived.

“What happened, Dad?” queried Pebbles. 

“No need to panic”, said Freddy.  “I was just out on the farm in this stormy weather shifting some stock but hurt myself when I came off my motorbike.  I’ll be fine, I just hate being laid up in here when I’ve got the farm to run.

“Well”, said Pebbles “it’s just as well we put those Enduring Powers of Attorney in place for you earlier in the year.  I’ll be able to look after things in your absence and if there are any accounts to pay, I’ll be able to arrange that as well”.

“Just remind me about that again”, said Freddy looking somewhat perplexed.

“We put in place two Enduring Powers of Attorney – an enduring power of attorney in relation to personal care and welfare, and an enduring power of attorney in relation to property.  It’s obvious that you can make your own decisions as to your personal care and welfare, so thankfully there is no need to use that one. The enduring power of attorney in relation to property was, however, prepared on the basis that it could be used immediately upon it being signed. 

“There were a number of different options available to you in preparing your enduring powers of attorney and there is certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  For example, you could have recorded in the enduring power of attorney in relation to property that it could only be used in the event you were mentally incapable. However, I am really glad that you took the time to put those documents in place. That will certainly now lessen the stress on all of us. It’s stressful enough you just being in here let alone having to worry about the farm operations!”

Freddy looked thoughtful.  “You know Pebbles”, said Freddy “that accident could’ve been a whole lot worse.  I made a will a few years back but I better have a look at that when I get out of here. I guess that’s an important document to keep up to date?”

“Yes, it sure is”, said Pebbles.  “I know we don’t like to consider our own mortality but it’s important to have an up to date will in place”. 

“Hope for the best, but plan for the worst”, said Freddy.  “A motto that has served me well.”


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