Product Recall: Samsung Galaxy Note7

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On 11 October 2016 Samsung issued a recall for all Galaxy Note 7’s sold in New Zealand because the battery could overheat and catch fire.

Samsung recommends that consumers with Galaxy Note 7’s power down and stop using the device immediately.

Businesses and other organisations have duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to ensure their workers and other people are safe, and to ensure that work equipment is safe for use.

Organisations that have supplied their personnel with a Galaxy Note 7 should take immediate steps to have the phones returned in accordance with the recall.

Other organisations should be aware that personnel working in their workplaces may have these phones and bring them into the workplace. The presence of these phones in workplaces presents a fire risk which organisations are required to manage as a risk to health and safety. One way of managing this risk is to ask employees and visitors to not bring this particular device to the workplace.

For example, Air New Zealand has issued a total ban on Galaxy Note 7’s on all its flights (effective from 5:00am on Sunday 16 October 2016).

For any questions about Health and Safety please contact Phil McCarthy.




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