Women In Leadership

Hon Carmel Sepuloni

On the 22 August 2018 The Hon Carmel Sepuloni (Minister for Social Development) gave a very candid talk about growing up in Taranaki, her father losing his job when the Waitara Freezing works closed (and subsequent family dysfunction and Carmel’s truancy from school) and the amazing commitment of the then principal of New Plymouth Girls High (Jain Gaudin) who saw potential in Carmel and arranged for Carmel to live at the Gaudins’ home for her final year at school so as to ensure that she would make it to university. 

She also shared her passion for creating a more equitable way to provide for the poor and vulnerable in New Zealand so as to support them to blossom rather than constantly failing and ending up as part of our prison population and her personal experience of going into Parliament and the challenges and excitement of becoming a Minister.


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