Women in Leadership

Nikita Hall

Nikita Hall (Manager of the Chiefs rugby team) shared many pearls of wisdom from her experience in communications and media roles and now as manager of 40 (18 to 32 year old) men who often have little experience of life outside of school and rugby.

She spoke about the strong emphasis on wellbeing for the players  now and after rugby, the need for very direct communication, the importance of effort, attitude and technique to enable the players to be successful on and off the field and the encouragement that her father gave to her and her sisters growing up so that they could know that they can do anything that the set their minds to.

Nikita also spoke of how valuable WIL events have been for her and how much she has learnt from past speakers (Nikita was a regulate attendee when she was based in Taranaki working for Taranaki Rugby).

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Women in Leadership events provide an opportunity to network (while enjoying good food and drink), share stories, and give and receive help and support.  We enjoy speakers from diverse backgrounds who inspire and encourage their audience with their experience of leadership. 

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