Women in Leadership

Dr Joanna Breare

Dr Joanna Breare (CEO of Todd Energy) shared her life journey in such an open and light-hearted way. Joanna emphasised the importance of:

  • a positive mental attitude
  • resilience
  • being authentic (including listening to others and being transparent)
  • goal setting, and
  • neutrality

 as key attributes of a leader.


Our Next Event:

Justine Gilliland - 11 November 2019

Women in Leadership events provide an opportunity to network (while enjoying good food and drink), share stories, and give and receive help and support.  We enjoy speakers from diverse backgrounds who inspire and encourage their audience with their experience of leadership. 

For further information, or to be added to the mailing list for future events, contact Marie Callander, phone (06) 759 5313 or email contact@abmm.co.nz 

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Marie Callander