Mediation Services

[ Ngā Ratonga Takawaenga ]

Mediation is a confidential low cost dispute resolution process that enables people to resolve their own problems. When people are able to reach their own agreement they generally find that the solution is something that will work for everybody.

What will mediation cost?

  • Some areas of law have government provided services that are low or no cost.
  • Private mediation through our service will cost up to $1,500+GST per day.  Sometimes there could be other costs such as room hire (if not at our premises) and travel costs if the mediation is out of Taranaki.
  • The parties agree on who pays these costs.


  • Parties need to agree to go to mediation and will be asked to sign an agreement.  
  • Click here to view the Mediation agreement.

What Clients say:

"Caroline managed the time and stopped us from getting 'mired' very well. I recommend Caroline for future work."


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