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2008 Legal Ruminations Articles

Succession Planning

2008 27/11/08

Who do you want to inherit your farm? Have you started the succession plan for your farm?

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Animal Welfare

2008 13/11/08

Recent media stories about a cow being impaled on a tractor fork and a deer farmer convicted for illegally removing velvet from his deer has raised some questions about the scope of the Animal Welfare Act.

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Farm Transactions and Due Diligence

2008 30/10/08

Given that we have seen a number of Agreements for Sale and Purchase coming through the office for May/June 2009 settlement, we thought that due diligence in a property transaction context was a fitting and timely topic.

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Electronic Tagging

2008 16/10/08

There has been a lot of discussion in the media lately about the electronic tagging of cattle and deer.

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Weed Control

2008 02/10/08

Farmer Flo from Tikorangi prides herself on keeping her farm clear of weeds.

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Sustainable Practices

2008 18/09/08

Is your farming operration sustainable?

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Transaction Duties

2008 04/09/08

Water Water Everywhere...

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Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992

2008 21/08/08

Farmer Dobson owns a large farm near Opunake. At any one time, Farmer Dobson may have Worker Bob, Contractor Sue, Camper Campbell, Meter Reader Rory and Surfer Sam on the farm.

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Public Access Rights

2008 07/08/08

You may remember the Government's proposal in 2005 to provide for public access to significant waterways - including access across private farmland.

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Resource Consents

2008 24/07/08

Any use of resources in Taranaki requires a Resource Consent, unless the activity is permitted by a district and/or regional plan or the Resource Management Act 1991.

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Equity Partnership

2008 10/07/08

New Zealand farms have typically been owned and operated as family businesses.

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Climate Change

2008 26/06/08

Whether you believe in climate change or not, our present government does and any new government later this year will too.

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Wandering Stock Liabilities

2008 12/06/08

Farmer Abbot from Okato recently shifted some of his stock onto his run-off.

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2008 29/05/08

Employers in the farming industry should be aware of the recent changes to KiwiSaver.

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