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Auld Brewer Mazengarb & McEwen's contributed articles in New Plymouth's lifestyle magazine - LIVE.

Have you future proofed dealing with your health and assets?

LIVE Magazine LIVE Magazine February 2011

Richard Williams, Solicitor, explains how an enduring power of attorney can help should something happen that prevents you from taking care of your own affairs.

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First home buyers? See it...Want it...Buy it!

LIVE Magazine Published December 2010, Issue 73

Vicky McKenzie, Registered Legal Executive, explores the financial and legal options available when buying a house.

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Who else can use your land?

LIVE Magazine

Alison Clement, Registered Legal Executive, explains the issue of easements and covenants and how these can affect the land you own.

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What's Under Your Mattress?

LIVE Magazine LIVE Magazine October 2010

Marie Callander, Solicitor, looks at the impending Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act and the Financial Advisers Act.

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Private Eyes are watching you; they see your every move ... even at work

LIVE Magazine LIVE Magazine, September 2010

Caroline McLorinan, Senior Associate, explores the privacy issue over monitoring internet/email usage in the workplace.

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When is an overdue fee exorbitant?

LIVE Magazine LIVE Magazine, August 2010

Allen Mazengarb, Partner, looks at terms of contracts, which are often overlooked, until something goes wrong.

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Health Checks

LIVE Magazine Published July 2010, Issue 68

Chris Ussher, Solicitor, explains why it is beneficial for regular business health checks.

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbours!

LIVE Magazine LIVE Magazine, June 2010

Murray McEwen, Partner, looks at how to go about erecting boundary fences, the neighbourly way.

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Referenda: Having dogs and getting to bark too!

LIVE Magazine

Garry Anderson, Partner, looks at how democracy can be exercised by formally expressing a preference about an issue through a referendum.

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Guarantees...more than meets the eye

LIVE Magazine Published April 2010, Issue 65

Vicky McKenzie, Registered Legal Executive, explains the responsiblities one takes on when entering into a guarantee.

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Do you have a Dead Pledge on your Home?

LIVE Magazine Published March 2010, Issue 64

This article uncovers the origins of a "Mortgage" and explains what it is.

If it's fixed, why break it?

LIVE Magazine LIVE Magazine February 2010

Kate Laurensen, Associate, looks at borrower's entitlements with the recent drop in interest rates and prepayment fees.

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We're all going on a summer holiday...

LIVE Magazine LIVE Magazine January 2010

Caroline McLorinane, Associate explores the history of the Holidays Act and employee annual leave entitlements.

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No Rampaging Santas...

LIVE Magazine LIVE Magazine December 2009

Caroline McLorinan, Associate, looks at appropriate staff behaviour at Christmas functions.

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Limited partnership - the new investment structure of choice?

LIVE Magazine LIVE Magazine, November 2009

Allen Mazengarb, Partner, looks at limited partnerships as an alternative investment structure.

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This land is your Land. This land is my land...or is it?

LIVE Magazine Published October 2009, Issue 59

This article looks at ownership of an estate of land and explains two common, but complex, areas - cross leases and unit titles.

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Law and ... fairness?

LIVE Magazine Published September 2009, Issue 58

Chris Ussher, Solicitor, demistifies the difference between equity and fairness.

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Whose House? Whose Castle?

LIVE Magazine Published August 2009, Issue 57

This article explains house ownership structures.

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A Deal's a Deal, right?

LIVE Magazine Published July 2009, Issue 56

This article highlights two areas that could cause difficulties when entering an Agreement for Sale and Purchase.

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Is Law Important?

LIVE Magazine LIVE Magazine, June 2009

Garry Anderson, Partner, explains the importance of, and the need for, law in our society.

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Is Law Important? - Published June 2009
Law is a little bit like air. It is everywhere and, without it, our society would not exist.  Read more...