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2009 Legal Rumination Articles

Employment Agreements - Part 3

2009 10/12/09

The next installment of Employment Agreements - when things go wrong ....

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Employment Agreements - Part 2

2009 26/11/09

The continuation of Employment Agreements - unjustified dismissal.

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Employment Agreements - Part 1

2009 12/11/09

The basics on an Employment Agreement.

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Forest and Rural Fires

2009 29/10/09

Lightening strikes a tree on your farm and causes a fire. What should be done?

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Ensuring Power of Attorney

2009 15/10/09

Ensuring Power of Attorney appoints a person to make decisions in respect of your welfare and property should you become mentally incapable

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GST and deposits – be wary!

2009 03/09/09

How are you GST registered to deal with any land sale?

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Contractual Mistakes

2009 01/10/09

To err is human, to forgive divine

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Emissions Trading Scheme

2009 17/09/09

The climate - it is a-changin’

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Punctuality to Work

2009 28/08/08

Let this be a warning to you

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Updating a Will

2009 06/08/09

Freddy vaguely remembers hearing about a new Wills Act a few years ago and is concerned that not only is his will out of date, but wonders if it may even still be valid.

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Swine Flu

2009 06/08/09

What if one of your farm workers gets swine flu?

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2009 08/07/09

Guarantees - a type of legal obligation that often accompanies contracts.

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Contracts with Minors

2009 25/06/09

What are the issues surrounding contracts entered into with minors or for business, personal and household purposes?

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Entry into Contracts

2009 11/06/09

Farmer Freddy is heading to the Fieldays this week with his wife Jill and son Jack. He is keen to find any good deals that might be around and knows it will be hard to stop Jill from buying a few things too.

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Settlement Day

2009 28/05/09

June 1 is an important day in the dairy farming calendar, particularly for farms that are changing hands on that date or for sharemilkers moving on that date.

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Trees and Power Lines

2009 14/05/09

On his property, George has electricity distribution lines (owned by the electricity distribution company in his area). George also has electricity service lines that run across his land to his house and woolshed (these lines are owned by George).

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Firearms and Duck Shooting

2009 30/04/09

Farmer John and his wife are keen to partake in this year's duck shooting season

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Boundary Fences

2009 16/04/09

Farmer Brown uses fences to mark the boundaries of his farm, to control stock and to manage his pasture.

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Rural Subdivision

2009 02/04/09

In this article we look at rural subdivision, the impact on the farm, the motivation for subdivision, and some of the factors that should be considered when undertaking a subdivision.

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Business Insolvency

2009 19/03/09

In the midst of the financial crisis, as demand for products falls and credit is harder to get, more businesses are becoming insolvent. Unfortunately, the farming sector is not immune.

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In or Out in 90 Days

2009 05/03/09

A whole new employment relationship era is about to begin with the passing of the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2008 (the Act).

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Agricultural vehicles on the road

2009 19/02/09

What vehicles need to be registered and licensed?

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Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977

2009 05/02/09

The purpose of the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977 is to safeguard life and property from fires in forest and rural areas.

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The Property (Relationships) Act

2009 22/01/09

Are you entering a new relationship?

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