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Getting things sorted before jetting off

2010 09/12/10

Farmer Freddy is about to embark on an overseas trip but first he must update some important paper work.

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Landlords, the law constantly changes

2010 25/11/10

Farmer Freddy learns of the recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and how they affect him as a landlord.

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When the Crown wants your land

2010 11/11/10

The state highway is being straightened but in doing so the Crown is acquiring some of Farmer Freddy's land, so where does this leave Freddy?

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When a worker fails to turn up for work

2010 28/10/10

So a worker hasn't come to work or contacted you, what should you do?

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Is it a sensitive sale?

2010 14/10/10

Farmer Freddy learns about selling sensitive land and the criteria needed to satisfy the OIO

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Subdividing land a bit of a process

2010 02/10/10

There is a bit of a process in subdividing land, as Farmer Freddy finds out.

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Quake protection, up to a point

2010 30/09/10

After the 7.1 earthquake in Christchurch, Farmer Freddy considers what insurance is best for his farm.

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When a lease is breached

2010 16/09/10

The new Property Law Act has procedures landlords must take if wanting to cancel a tenant's lease, as Farmer Freddy has discovered.

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Reforms should help avoid Hangovers

2010 19/08/10

Do you have money invested with an investment company? Then you should read this.

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Freddy's Leaky Bach

2010 05/08/10

In the past few years many homeowners have discovered they own a leaky home. Unfortunately, for Farmer Freddy he is one of them. What can he do about it?

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Proper terms of trade vital

2010 22/07/10

Farmer Freddy learns how the Personal Property Securities Act can protect his interest in goods supplied to a retailer on credit - however there are three steps to follow.

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Workplace Hazards

2010 08/07/10

As an employer is it your responsibility to minimise workplace hazards and if so how?

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Avoid Water Trouble

2010 24/06/10

To avoid costly mistakes when drilling for water - get advice from a groundwater specialist first and know your legal rights.

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Useless Utes

2010 10/06/10

What rights do you have if the motor vehicle you have bought turns out to be a lemon?

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Equity Partnerships in Farming

2010 27/05/10

What is involved in investing in an equity partnership? Farmer Freddy explains ...

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Fred wants to build a Shed

2010 13/05/10

Whether you are a handyman or not, the Building Act 2004 not only requires you to get a building consent for any type of building but later this year you'll need a licensed builder.

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Think wisely and save your bacon

2010 29/04/10

Your neighbour is proposing to build a piggery on their property. What can you do about that?

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Life in the Doghouse

2010 15/04/10

Farmer Freddy's dog, Dino, pays an unexpected visit to his neighbour - who isn't happy about it.

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When the Inspector calls

2010 01/04/10

An increase to the minimum wage takes effect 1 April 2010. How does this effect Farmer Freddy?

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Organic Dairy Farming

2010 18/03/10

Thinking about going organic? So what it takes to become an organic dairy farmer?

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2010 1/8/02/10

DIRA, oh dira.

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Access to Land: Access to Power Lines

2010 04/02/10

The story in the Daily News last week about the power cuts in Auckland (where a farmer refused to let Transpower onto his land to fix a fault) set Farmer Freddy thinking.

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The Queen's Chain

2010 21/01/10

As a keen fisherman and gourmand (particularly when it comes to shellfish), Farmer Freddy is concerned about the sustainability of Taranaki's paua stocks.

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