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Limitations Act 2010 (Part 2)

2012 20 December 2012

Freddy's lesson retaining business records continues

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Limitations Act 2010

2012 6 December 2012

Freddy learns the benefits of keeping business records

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Leasing Land

2012 22/11/12

Freddy learns about leasing land

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Rules for agricultural vehicles


Freddy learns about the proposed changes to the rules for agricultrual vehicles

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Update on succession and gift duty

2012 23 October 2012

Freddy gets updated on succession and gift duty

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Will bankruptcy affect the Society

2012 Published 26/04/12

Farmer Freddy is worried about a board member's bankruptcy.

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Appointing Independent Directors

2012 Published 11/10/12

Appointing independent directors to family companies

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Cash-strapped Freddy

2012 Published 27/09/12

Cash-strapped Freddy

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Serious Harm on the Farm

2012 Published 13/09/12

Freddy learns about the obligations of notification of accidents

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Cross-lease titles

2012 Published 30/08/12

Farmer Freddy finds out about cross-lease titles

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2012 Published 16/08/12

Freddy has a lesson on giving a guarantee

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The pitfalls of homekill

2012 Published 02/08/12

Farmer Freddy learns about the rules and restrictions on the processing and sale of homekill meat.

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Vineyard Due Diligence

2012 Published 19/07/12

Freddy finds out about vineyard due diligence.

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Discharging Contaminants to Waterways

2012 Published 05/07/12

Freddy finds out about his responsibility around handling the discharge of effluent

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National Animal Identification and Tracing Scheme NAIT

2012 Published 20/06/12

Pebbles outlines the scheme to Freddy.

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Trading Among Farmers

2012 Published 07/06/12

Farmer Freddy finds out what is proposed with the planned Fonterra share trading scheme.

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Moving stock on a public road

2012 Published 24/05/12

Farmer Freddy finds out about moving stock and Gypsy Day headaches.

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Farmer Freddy's renovation plans

2012 Published 10/05/12

Farmer Freddy learns about the changes to the Building Act.

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Farmer Freddy finds out about paper roads

2012 Published 12/04/12

Farmer Freddy and his paper road

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Farmer Freddy has contract problems

2012 Published 30/03/12

Freddy's special guest has travel problems.

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Employing Foreign Seasonal Labour

2012 Published 15/03/12

Freddy looks to employ foreign seasonal labour.

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More tree problems

2012 Published 01/03/12

Will removing a tree cause a slip?

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2012 Published 16/2/12

MMP Farmer Freddy is confused.

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Neighbour's tree is cutting the sun out

2012 Published 2/2/12

Farmer Freddy is losing his sun due to a neighbour's tree.

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