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Immigration Process

2013 12 December 2013

Applying for essential skills residence class visas

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2013 14 November 2013

Farmer Freddy gets proper advice before commencing land subdivisions

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Fair Trading Act

2013 31 October 2013

Farmer Freddy and the Fair Trading Act

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Protecting Your Family Farm

2013 17 October 2013

Where there's a Will, there's a way

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Health and Safety Landscape in New Zealand

2013 3 October 2013

Farmer Freddy is informed about changes to health and safety landscape in New Zealand

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Future-proofing your family farming business

2013 20 September 2013

Future-proofing your family farming business is complicated, very important and requires good planning and professional advice

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Wills & Shares

2013 5 September 2013

Where there's a Will there's a way

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Unit Titles Act Disclosure Regime

2013 8 August 2013

Freddy learns about the Unit Titles Act disclosure regime

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The Importance of a LIM Condition

2013 25 July 2013

See exactly what you're buying with a LIM

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Changes to Home Insurance

2013 11 July 2013

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Consumer Guarantees Act

2013 27 June 2013

Farmer Freddy has a Consumer Guarantees Act dispute over a lawnmower

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Succession Planning

2013 13 June 2013

Early plan vital to deal with farm succession

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Rights and obligations under a registered easement

2013 30 May 2013

Pebbles advises Freddy about his rights and obligations under an easement registered over the title to a property he owns

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Contract Milking

2013 16 May 2013

Ready-made contracts simplify the process

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The strict procedures behind receivership

2013 2 May 2013

Farmer Freddy has been learning about mortgages and receivership

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Stock Control Problem

2013 18 April 2013

Freddy’s stock has gone wandering in search of greener pastures

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Irrigation Systems & Resource Consent

2013 4 April 2013

Freddy and Pebbles discuss obtaining consent from the Council regarding water for the irrigation system

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Building Contract Troubles

2013 21 March 2013

Farmer Freddy and Pebbles deal with issues in the building contract for the new barn

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Incorporated Societies

2013 7 March 2013

Freddy considers forming an incorporated society

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Sharing the cost of keeping the boundaries

2013 21 February 2013

Farmer Freddy's update on cost sharing of boundary fences

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OSH Obligations

2013 7 February 2013

Pebbles gives Farmer Freddy a lesson about OSH Obligations

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Farm rules for four wheels

2013 24 January 2013

Freddy learns about his responsibilities when his farm workers use quad bikes

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