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Don't rush to cut down that notable tree

2011 08/12/11

Can you cut down that big tree in your garden or should you check if its protected first?

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Check easement obligations on land

2011 24/11/11

With easements on land, always check the easement instrument to find what you (or someone else) can and can't do with that land.

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Right insurance means no tears over spilt milk

2011 10/11/11

Farmer Freddy learns about business interruption insurance which covers income lost by a business due to a natural disaster.

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Entitlements are tricky

2011 27/10/11

Legally everyone is entitled to four-weeks' annual leave. Farmer Freddy is learning how to work out such leave for his part-timer.

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Repeal of gift duty

2011 14/10/11

As of 1 October 2011, you can gift any amount to your trust without incurring gift duty, however there are conditions.

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Cover all bases before making the big moves

2011 29/09/11

Shifting a building does require consent and some forward planning before the movers turn up, as Freddy and Barney discover

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Good records make executors' job easy

2011 15/09/11

Farmer Freddy learns about the executors' role in a will.

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Planning a successful crossing

2011 01/09/11

Farmer Freddy is planning a new route to move his stock which involves crossing a stream. First he has to consider the type of crossing he needs to install and the ramifications that holds.

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Written deals avoid disputes

2011 18/08/11

It pays to put agreements in writing that way all parties know what to expect.

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New GST rules for property purchases

2011 04/08/11

Any property purchases after April 2011, to a GST registered purchaser, who intends to use the new land for purposes other than the principal place of residence, the GST on the sale is zero rated.

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Preparing for a sale

2011 21/07/11


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Charity - start a trust

2011 07/07/11

Farmer Freddy finds out how to start up a charitable trust.

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Coffee maker brews up strife

2011 23/06/11

Consumers of any goods or services have certain guarantees by The Consumer Guarantee Act which protects them should something go wrong, as Farmer Freddy discovers.

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A power of attorney can save your bacon

2011 09/06/11

When overseas, a power of attorney is useful to have to deal with issues back home.

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Sorting a subdivision

2011 26/05/11

Farmer Freddy is subdividing land and finds out there's more to it than meets the eye.

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Beware those bylaws

2011 12/05/11

Farmer Freddy discovers it's not so easy just to move stock.

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To auction or tender?

2011 28/04/11

There are a few things to consider when in the process of selling property by auction or tender.

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Duckshooting rules

2011 14/04/11

There's a lot to do before you can have roast wild duck for dinner, as Farmer Freddy discovers.

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A new fireplace is no simple thing

2011 31/03/11

Installing a new fireplace? Did you know you need a building consent for that?

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Getting ready for employment changes

2011 17/03/11

Employment law changes take effect on 1 April 2011 - are you prepared?

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Secure of the future

2011 03/03/11

Farmer Freddy contemplates the future of his farm after he has gone.

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Make hay, but make a record of it also

2011 17/02/11

There are a lot of reasons to keep good business records, as Farmer Farmer soon discovers.

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Statutory holidays pay cleared up

2011 27/01/11

Farmer Freddy is confused over statutory holiday pay, however Pebbles sorts it all out.

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